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Dear Dr. LJ,

Are you suddenly getting a ton of spam comments? A cursory glance through Help didn't provide any suggestions, but it's driving me nuts. Did some setting change its default a la Facebook or something and I need to go fix it?

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Election endorsements

I suppose I don't really need to go through step-by-step here. I'm voting a straight Democratic ticket, despite wanting to vote for Nathanael Alexander Fortune because "Auditor Fortune" sounds awesome, and wanting to vote for Jill Stein so I could say the Governor gave me a medical exam. Jadelennox did better research than me, so I'm basing this decision somewhat on her post.

I might skip the Attorney General election entirely, though. Martha Coakley did not impress me in the special Senatorial election, to say the least, and I feel I need to register my protest somehow.

As for the ballot questions, #2 is the only one that sensible people are even considering (deplete our income stream in this economy? Um, no). It's the complicated low-income housing one, which I won't attempt to summarize. Everyone I've talked to (for instance, Jadelennox again) sums the issue up as, "It's not a perfect law as it stands, but the ballot question doesn't provide an alternative. The law needs some reform, but not having one at all would result in a lot less affordable housing." I like affordable housing. So, no.

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Test post (or, I'm moving)

Hey folks! I'm moving over to Dreamwidth. Mostly this is because certain of my friends (you know who you are) made me feel guilty about how disability-inaccessible LJ is, and I want to be on the side of ad-free, all-inclusive, open source Truth and Justice. If you'd like to head that way too, let me know and I'll do what I can to help you out.

I will still cross-post to LJ, but I've turned off comments on the cross-posts, so you'll have to come comment on DW. (You can do that without a DW account.) I just want to avoid having two parallel comment conversations going on.

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I have had a phone that pretty much stores numbers and makes phone calls for 8 years, but I long to have the internet in my pocket like all the cool kids. I am totally overwhelmed by all the smartphone options, though. Help me, Dr. LJ!

If you have a Verizon-compatible smartphone and you like it (or hate it), tell me why! My main requirements are that it not be too heavy or bulky; have a clear, easy-to-read web browser; play nice with iTunes; and not be a disgusting energy hog. I doubt I'm going to be downloading all kinds of crazy apps, but if there's some awesome app that I should know about (ie., not my co-worker's fart app), I'm happy to keep an open mind.
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Doctor recommendations

I knew I needed to switch my PCP because her office staff was incompetent, but I put it off because I never go to the doctor. Today I discovered that she moved without bothering to inform her patients; now her office staff is incompetent and in Malden and Arlington. To add some urgency, I hurt my foot and need to see a podiatrist ASAP (which of course requires a visit to a PCP for a referral).

I would love recommendations for female doctors or nurse practitioners who:

1. are near Harvard, Central, Kendall, Charles, or Park
2. generally don't have long waits for appointments
3. have competent office staff
4. will listen, not patronize, respect alternative therapies, and give me a damn referral with a minimum of hassle.

Recommendations for podiatrists also welcome.
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Read twice, send once

From a vendor's sales rep, after a very polite email from me requesting more information about a product:

I have had a lot of issues and communiqué today so ole Sam will have to be a little more patience.
I will get to him later today.

This was followed by automated "Recall! Recall!" messages, but it was too late because that's not how the internet works. I'm inclined to cut the vendor a little slack in their choice of sales rep contractors since they're open-source and free. But still -- hilarious!

Brought to you by the Council for Responsible Use of Reply-All (and Knowing the Difference Between Adjectives and Nouns).
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Decade 1

I just watched the Y2K episode of Sports Night, in which Jeremy claims that the complete system failure during his Y2K test is "a metaphor for the new millenium."

So it's been ten years (!). I can think of a few obvious, colossally bad things about the 21st century so far. What are some good things? What things are better now than they were ten years ago?

I ask this to spark discussion, not because I think there aren't any.
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Go ahead, make my day

The mother of one of my all-time favorite kids -- one of the 8th-grade founders of the much-vaunted Writing Club, aka My Favorite Hour of the Week -- waited outside the library this morning until I opened it, just so she could meet me. "Thank you so much for being such a mentor to E____. She is just in love with you."

Wow! I've never been someone's mentor before. I think I like it. :)

(I just recommended to E____ last night that she read Sandman. She loves complicated fantasies and mythology, and something about the way she was talking about the Greek Pantheon last week reminded me of the Endless. My brother read it at her age and he wasn't scarred for life. But I figure it's good her mom likes me now; hopefully she still will after she sees the reading material I'm giving her daughter...)
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Changing my mind: Capuano

You know what? I'm changing my mind. When I get home tonight, I'm voting for Capuano. I thought more about experience vs. ideals, and proven record vs. nebulous "hope." Some of my friends made good points -- like martini_corona's that Khazei should start smaller if he really wants to get into elected office.

And then I read this story, which sealed the deal. (Read down to lil_brown_bat's comment for more awesomeness.) This is a man who works hard for his constituents, and speaks up honestly for what he believes in. Moreover, this is a man who's willing to change his mind when the evidence calls for it. Even more than genuine passion, we need that in Congress.
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Endorsement for Senate primary

I've been putting this post off, because the decision was hard. The primary for the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat is tomorrow. There are a bunch of people running in the Dem primary, but three who seem to count: Rep. Michael Capuano, Attorney General Martha Coakley, and City Year founder/national service & education reformer Alan Khazei.

Either Capuano or Coakley will almost certainly win, and I'm ok with that. Capuano's been my rep for years. He's voted my way on most things, he communicates well with his constituents, he has a hell of a lot of legislative experience, and I think he'd be a good Senator.

I'm less thrilled about Coakley -- she strikes me as uninspired, business-as-usual, not a legislative fighter. But that's totally subjective (like all of this, of course). We also agree on most things, and we could always use another woman in the Senate.

But I'm voting for Khazei, and here's why: if I can live with either of the frontrunners, I might as well vote for the guy I really believe in, right? The Globe's lovely endorsement gets at my reasons. It talks about his "entrepreneurial model of progressive politics": he's a grassroots reformer, which means he knows how to cooperate and communicate and fight at all levels of government, with all stakeholders.

Khazei is an idealist and a visionary, and if there's one thing I think politics needs more of, it's people who are genuinely passionate about making the world better. The Globe describes him as "Massachusetts’ best chance to produce another great senator," and I think (of the available options, anyway) I agree.